Marquette Castle

Marquette Castle - Heemskerk

N 52.5150605 / E 4.665314

Before 1612, the property was called Huys tot Heemskerck. Count William II had a fortified castle built there around 1225. When Daniel de Hertaing bought it in 1612, he called it Marquette. He is Lord of Marquette in his native Hainaut. In 1717 the Amsterdam brewer Joachim Rendorp buys the country house. In 1740 his son, Amsterdam's mayor Pieter Rendorp, inherits the complex. As an amateur architect he drew buildings and gardens himself, including the present Marquette. Some of the geometric patterns he designed in the path system can still be recognised today. In 1979, private residence came to an end and the castle was restored, after which it was given a catering function.

Stichting Kastelen Buitenplaatsen Landgoederen
Marquette Castle

Marquette Castle
Marquettelaan 34
1968 JT Heemskerk

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T: +31251257025

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Open 24 hours
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