Voedselbos Maasland
Maasland food forest

Maasland food forest - Maasland

N 51.938552090125 / E 4.2810646552808

On a number of neglected forest plots in Maasland, Stichting Voedselbos Maasland, in collaboration with owner Staatsbosbeheer, laid out a food forest. A food forest is a forest with many different plants and animals with seven to nine vegetation layers. An ecological and biological gem designed by Jelle Fekkes, landscape architect specialising in food forests.

The food forest is still under construction, so it will be some time before an abundance of edible nuts, mushrooms, berries and other fruits can be found. Nevertheless, a visit is already well worthwhile. Check the Food Forest website to keep an eye on educational activities.

Maasland is part of the Netherlands' first Cittaslow municipality. An international quality mark based on the Slow Food Movement, with living environment, hospitality and environment high on the agenda. A food forest is not to be missed here. Park your bike for a while and walk along the woodchip paths to see what the enthusiastic volunteers have already achieved.

Voedselbos Maasland

Maasland food forest
3155 Maasland

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