Loosdrechtse Lakes

Loosdrechtse Lakes - Loosdrecht

N 52.212129 / E 5.067888

The Loosdrechtse Plassen (Lakes) is a popular water sports area. That doesn't have to stop nature lovers from getting there, because some of the lakes are protected nature reserves and are not accessible to motorised boats. You can cycle around the Loosdrechtse Plassen, but if you get off and rent a canoe or rowing boat you can also enjoy it from the water. Because there is plenty to do here. Water mint grows here, proof that the water here is very clean. Part of the land consists of vibrating peat on which orchids, wire seagulls and the large rattle grow. You may hear the moustache or see a purple heron flying by. And at least in summer you can enjoy the carpets of water lily and yellow plump.

Loosdrechtse Lakes

Loosdrechtse Lakes
Horndijk 23
1231 NX Loosdrecht

Contact details
T: 035-6559911
E: info@natuurmonumenten.nl

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Open 24 hours
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