Uitkijktoren bij Botgat
Lookout tower at Botgat

Lookout tower at Botgat - Callantsoog

N 52.8587222 / E 4.7046701

In the dune area the Noordduinen lies the former defence area Botgat. Once there was a pool here from which cattle used to drink. Now you can see a sparse grassland in the shape of a circle. Landschap Noord-Holland has cleared the remains of shooting range and the buildings of Defence, so that nature can grow back. The nature organisation also created a footpath there and installed a watchtower.

From the watchtower, you can clearly see the contours of the former destinations. The tower was devised by local schoolchildren.

What you can also see an awful lot of here are birds. Especially wheatears: more than half of all wheatears in the Noordduinen breed in the Botgat!

Uitkijktoren bij Botgat

Lookout tower at Botgat
1759 NW Callantsoog

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