Little White Church

Little White Church - Groet

N 52.7209073 / E 4.6681113

This old Dutch Reformed church is located in the village of Groet and has been a protected national monument since 1972. On top of the hill in the municipality of Bergen, you will find this White Church. The church tower is made of wood and has an octagonal spire. The cabinet organ in the church has been here since 1913. There are even parts that come from 1750, namely the case and a part of the pipes!

Opposite the church, you can see the White Houses. This is one building, but it used to have several functions. Part of it was used as a prison, but also as a town hall and residence.

Little White Church

Little White Church
Kerkbrink 18
1873 HH Groet

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Start of services: Sunday at 10.00 hrs.

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