Lemsterpolder uitkijktoren
Lemsterpolder watchtower

Lemsterpolder watchtower - De Fryske Marren

N 52.8608855 / E 5.7022439

The Groote Brekken, also known as Grutte Brekken in Frisian, is a lake between Lemmer and Spannenburg. There used to be a smaller lake, the Kleine Brekken, next to the Grutte Brekken. The Kleine Brekken no longer exists now because it has been reclaimed. You guessed it, the Grote Brekken has retained its name as a result.

From this watchtower there is a view over the entire lake. You can also do some great bird watching here. Enjoy various species of birds such as the lapwing, the bearded reedling, the meadow pipit and various species of ducks and geese.

Lemsterpolder uitkijktoren

Lemsterpolder watchtower
8532 BA De Fryske Marren

Contact details
T: 030-6937700
E: info@vogelbescherming.nl

Opening hours
Open 24 hours
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