Vuurtoren van Lemmer
Lemmer lighthouse

Lemmer lighthouse - Lemmer

N 52.840759 / E 5.7085135

From Lemmer's harbour, you are greeted by the Lemmer lighthouse. Actually, this tower is a replica of the original lighthouse built in 1885. It was demolished in 1968. Not only because its function for the then reclaimed Zuiderzee had been lost, but also because there were loitering youths hanging around the lighthouse at the time. Politicians disagreed and resolved to demolish it.

A replica was built for the shooting of filmmaker Pieter Verhoeff's film De Vuurtoren (1994), a film based on his own childhood. However, the filming did not take place in Lemmer, but in Stavoren. After filming, the lighthouse returned to where it belongs: on Vuurtorenweg in Lemmer.

You can climb the steel structure for a magnificent view over the IJsselmeer on one side and the Frisian landscape on the other.

Vuurtoren van Lemmer

Lemmer lighthouse
Vuurtorenweg 18
8531 HJ Lemmer

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T: +31514 534550

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