Buitenplaats Leeuwenburgh
Leeuwenburgh country estate

Leeuwenburgh country estate - Driebergen-Rijsenburg

N 52.019238 / E 5.301972

This country estate, built in 1657, was commissioned by Gerard Zoudenbalch and named after him. Ten years later, after the house was sold to Melchior Toussain, the new owner changed the name to Leeuwenburgh.

In later periods, the building was extended with various outbuildings. The beautiful gardens stretch out as far as the Kromme Rijn. In the nineteenth century, part of the garden was changed to landscape style. A pond was dug at the back of the house.

Buitenplaats Leeuwenburgh

Leeuwenburgh country estate
Langbroekerdijk 39
3972 NC Driebergen-Rijsenburg

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T: 0343 563 088
E: info@rijksmonumenten.nl

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