Gemaal Leeghwater

Leeghwater pumping station - Buitenkaag

N 52.219951 / E 4.556868

In the 19th century there were three steam pumping stations that pumped the Haarlemmermeer dry, Gemaal Leeghwater is one of them. This pumping station was also the first pumping station, since it started in 1848

History, present and future are well combined in this pumping station. The historic pumping station has been completely modernized not so long ago and, at present and in the future, plays a vital role in the water management of the Haarlemmermeerpolder.

Gemaal Leeghwater

Leeghwater pumping station
Lisserdijk 5
2158 LT Buitenkaag

Contact details
T: +31713063063

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