Lânskip | Boerderij op de kop
Lânskip | Farm upside down

Lânskip | Farm upside down - Workum

N 52.9481714 / E 5.423496

Between Workum and Hindeloopen, an old farmhouse stands behind the sea dyke. Not just any old one: it is upside down!

To break free from fixed patterns of thinking and working, the initiators thought of building a traditional Frisian farm upside down. In this case, 'Oarsom tinke' (thinking the other way round) also leads to 'oarsom bouwe' (building the other way round)!

A building upside down offers advantages. Whereas normally you can't do anything with the space in the ridge of the farmhouse, now you can. An additional advantage is that you can look over the seawall from the living space in the upper layer and thus have a fantastic view from home.

Lânskip | Boerderij op de kop

Lânskip | Farm upside down
Lieuwe Klazes Leane 3
8711 HL Workum

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E: info@lanskip.nl

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Open 24 hours
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