Landscape garden Pegasushof

Landscape garden Pegasushof - Bant

N 52.7668017 / E 5.7499054

When constructing the Pegasushof, a strict and formal layout was chosen. This is achieved by evergreen elements such as yew and boxwood hedges, with a lot of attention for color and special plants. Although 'normal' plants have also been given a spot. The fruit lane with various types of fruit trees and underplanting of Helleborus, fern and Bergenia species is also a very special element. The garden exists of 4,000 square meters. The garden is open by appointment only.

Landscape garden Pegasushof

Landscape garden Pegasushof
Klutenweg 5
8314 PB Bant

Contact details
T: 0527-261475

Open from April 14th to September 15th, by appointment only.

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