Labyrinth De Reest Cirkel

Labyrinth De Reest Cirkel - Dedemsvaart

N 52.6087291658576 / E 6.4452857796

Between the meadows in the outskirts of Dedemsvaart you will find a labyrinth: De Reest Cirkel. It is laid out with stones. Follow the path to get to the centre.

According to Willem Hulsegge, the Dedemsvaarter who laid out this labyrinth, a labyrinth is not a maze but a path that you are led through. The idea is that at every turn, you come closer to the answer to your life's questions. In the middle is the silence area with room for meditation.

It is also a nice resting place for cyclists and walkers. It is also a fun experience for children to find the path to the centre!

Labyrinth De Reest Cirkel

Labyrinth De Reest Cirkel
Mulderij 7
7701 RM Dedemsvaart

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