Kruisbergse forest

Kruisbergse forest - Bronckhorst

N 51.987753 / E 6.276439

Northwest of Doetinchem is Kruisbergse forest: a geologically valuable nature reserve with river dunes and marshes. Did you know that ancient Roman military units camped in these woods? The nature reserve has been managed by Natuurmonumenten since the 1970s.

Around 10,000 years ago, the wind formed a complex of river dunes from sand deposits. This resulted in the various heights of the terrain in the forest. The highest point is about 30 metres above sea level! The many ditches are also a characteristic feature of this nature reserve – dug in the past by farmers in order to drain excess water. The area used to be a lot wetter than it is now.

Kruisbergse forest

Kruisbergse forest
Rozegaarderweg 17
6999 DW Bronckhorst

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