Kortenhoefse Plassen
Kortenhoefse Lakes

Kortenhoefse Lakes - Kortenhoef

N 52.231289 / E 5.094541

Peat used to be dug here. The peat was laid out to dry on narrow strips of land, the so called 'legakkers'. In some places these layers were removed, resulting in large puddles. Because the wind had free reign there, more layers were in danger of disappearing, so the thickest trees were cut down. If such a tree blows over, it will destroy the entire leguminous field. The Kortenhoefse Plassen can be navigated by canoe or rowing boat, where there is a good chance that you will hear a reed warbler or a small reed warbler singing.

Kortenhoefse Plassen

Kortenhoefse Lakes
Kortenhoefsedijk 124A
1241 LW Kortenhoef

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T: 035-6559911
E: info@natuurmonumenten.nl

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