Kockengense Molen
Kockengen Mill

Kockengen Mill - Kockengen

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The Kockengen Mill was built in 1653. Until 1960, it served to drain the 341-hectare Kockengen water board. Since then, the windmill has served as a reserve pumping station. In 1963, the mill came into the possession of the Utrecht Windmills Foundation.

In 1983 it underwent a major restoration. In 1987, the house in the lower tower that had been broken out was renewed and painted as much as possible in its original state. An extensive restoration was started in the spring of 2011. This included repairing defects in the foundations and watercourses. The lower house was also given a new thatch. By the end of 2012, the mill was once again able to grind away water.

After all these restorations, it is remarkable that the sails still consist of so-called 'pot rods'. These are long sails - those of the Kockengense Molen are 24 metres long - and are equipped with the old Dutch fencing with sails.

Kockengense Molen

Kockengen Mill
Wagendijk 15
3628 ER Kockengen

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T: +31634083056

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Monday Closed
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Saturday 11:00 - 16:00
Sunday Closed

Also open by appointment.

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