Grotten van Kanne
Kanne caves

Kanne caves - Kanne

N 50.8056924 / E 5.6725577

The correct name of the Kanne Caves should actually read: The Riemst Marl Quarry. Limestone has been quarried here, by hand, by so-called block breakers since the 14th century. This created a corridor system some 16 kilometres long.

Nowadays, there is a fossil museum, an underground chapel, you can get guided tours of the corridor system and the cave is used for growing mushrooms, maturing wines and beers and fermenting rice pudding for the best cave pies.

Grotten van Kanne

Kanne caves
Avergat 14
3770 Kanne

Contact details
T: +32 471 73 74 68

Guided tour every Saturday and Sunday at 13:30. During the Easter holidays, July and August, there are daily tours.

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