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Kalenberg - Kalenberg

N 52.776393616068 / E 5.955967887748

Kalenberg is a small village located in the middle of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. A picturesque village, hidden between the lakes and vast reed beds of the Kalenberg reeds. Waterways meander through the small village centre, with numerous bridges over them.

The village has a long peat history. For a long time, Kalenberg was the only inhabited neighbourhood between the 'weren' (the canals between strips of land, the ribs). Along Hoogeweg, you see authentic Hansel and Gretel houses where the peat cutters and their families lived. There are also still typical water mills, such as the tjasker and the spider-head mill.

The population lived mainly from peat making. In addition, fishing and reed growing were important sources of income. Reed is still cut and is still considered the best quality in Europe for covering reed roofs.

A highlight within Kalenberg is 't Lokaal, one of the oldest buildings in the village. This hall church without a tower dates from 1843. The pulpit and stained glass are still from its original construction. Now the building is used as an art exhibition space and waterside terrace.

Kalenberg ©WeldadigOord

8377 HA Kalenberg

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