Jocus Museum

Jocus Museum - Venlo

N 51.3680433 / E 6.1694741

Jocus is the oldest existing carnival society in the Netherlands. The society was founded in 1842. The symbol of the society is the Jocus-cock, the cock you see all over Venlo. In the museum, you can see how much carnival lives in Venlo! Although in Venlo it is better called Vastelaovend.

The museum shows the development of the carnival through the years and the traditions by means of video images, posters and all kinds of materials.

Please note that, when looking at the website of the association: everything is written in Venlo dialect.

Jocus Museum

Jocus Museum
Dominicanenplein 25
5911 JG Venlo

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Monday Closed
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Sunday 13:00 - 17:00
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