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Jacobus church Rolde

Jacobus church Rolde - Rolde

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Around the year 900, the first church was founded in Rolde. Then no more than a wooden building. In 1200, the first brick church was built, in Romanesque style and already almost as grand as the current building, which dates from the early 1400s.

The Jacobus church has been a landmark for travellers coming to Rolde on foot or on horseback ever since. The Rolder tower stood out then - and still does! - sticks out above everything else. At night, a light was always burning at the top of the tower, illuminating the windows. So you could find your way around even in the dark. In addition, the Roldertoren was also used by surveyors as a fixed point.

The church was obviously a place for the villagers of Rolde and its surroundings to express their faith. But in earlier times, when Drenthe was still divided into six dingspelen, the church also served as a court of law; the so-called 'Etstoel'. This happened at three fixed times a year at several locations. The Jacobus church in Rolde had its annual turn on the Tuesday after Pentecost. The other two times were on the Monday after 'Easter Eloquent' (a week after Easter Monday) in Balloo and on 'St Magnus Day' on 19 August in Anloo.

What is special about this church is that both Protestant and Roman Catholic celebrations were held there. Thus, all residents of Rolde and the surrounding area could use the church.

Photo: ©Drenthe.nl

Jacobuskerk Rolde

Jacobus church Rolde
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