Kasteel Huys ter Horst
Huys ter Horst Castle

Huys ter Horst Castle - Horst

N 51.4655001 / E 6.0584121

The history of Huys ter Horst Castle dates back to around 1300. What started as a military fortress of refuge was expanded over the centuries into a majestic castle for the noble families who resided here.

Until the 18th and 19th century, the castle was continuously expanded. The occupant who had the magnificent castle completed, despite many debts, was Catharina Cecilia van Bocholtz; widow of Willem Vincent baron van Wittenhorst and marquis Adriaan Arnold van Hoensbroek.

The last scion of the nobility, Charlotte von Fürstenberg, sold the already dilapidated castle at the beginning of the 19th century and it was sold off stone by stone. Part of the remaining ruin burned down in 1920 due to a lightning strike.

The remains of the once mighty Huys ter Horst Castle have, after some wanderings, come into the hands of the Horst municipality. Nowadays, you can take a guided tour by appointment or take a stroll around the grounds. It is also a special location for weddings and other events.

Kasteel Huys ter Horst

Huys ter Horst Castle
Kasteellaan 2
5961 BW Horst

Contact details
T: +31616969913
E: rondleiding@kasteelhuysterhorst.nl

From April to October the castle is open every first Sunday of the month and you can explore the castle with a handout.

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