Christiaan Huygens
Tuin erfgoedhuis
Huygens' Hofwijck

Huygens' Hofwijck - Voorburg

N 52.0654847 / E 4.3607189

Huygens' Hofwijck is one of the most important monuments in the Netherlands from the 17th century and is now a museum. It is also the smallest country estate in the country: the house itself is square and measures only 10 metres by 10 metres.

The house was commissioned by Constantijn Huygens. His son Christiaan Huygens is considered the most famous scientist the Netherlands has ever produced. Constantijn Huygens designed the house for which he sought advice from the architect Jacob van Campen, who also designed the Palace on Dam Square in Amsterdam and the Mauritshuis in The Hague.

Huygens was in the service of the House of Orange for over 60 years. In the house, numerous original 17th-century telescopes, clocks, family portraits, art objects and letters can be seen. A special feature is that the floor plan of the garden is in the shape of a human body.

Christiaan Huygens
Tuin erfgoedhuis

Huygens' Hofwijck
Westeinde 2A
2275 AD Voorburg

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