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Hunting Lodge Mookerheide

Hunting Lodge Mookerheide - Molenhoek

N 51.7699855 / E 5.889479

Jan Jacob Luden buys land on Mookerheide from 1900 onwards. In 1902-1905, Luden built the hunting lodge named after the location—designed by the architect's Oscar and Henri Leeuw jr. from Nijmegen. No expense was spared, and a very richly and exuberantly decorated Jugendstil house with all modern conveniences was built, with a large decorated tower room and an unprecedented view.

The house with the tower is already at its highest point and in that period there are still heathland areas with limited or young afforestation. Under Luden's steward D.G. Montenberg, a landscaped construction was realized on the surrounding grounds. In 1910 Mookerheide was taken over by Antonie Marinus Vroeg. He expands and embellishes the estate. In 1947 it was sold to the Sisters of St Dominic of Bethany. The main house is thoroughly renovated and used as a convent, and several new buildings for a children's boarding school are erected on the estate.

For 30 years, the main building was a hotel-restaurant. Now the hunting lodge and the estate are in the hands of Natuurmonumenten and are being thoroughly restored.

Jachtslot Mookerheide

Hunting Lodge Mookerheide
Heumensebaan 2
6584 CL Molenhoek

Contact details
T: +31243583035
E: info@mookerheide.nl

Closed due to restoration.

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