Hunebed D6
Hunebed D6
Hunebed D6

Hunebed D6 - Tynaarlo

N 53.074821453419 / E 6.629467783

Hunebedden are tombs with monuments of heavy boulders in which the Funnel Beaker people interred their dead. This people, named after the shape of the most common earthenware cup found in the tombs, lived in the Middle Stone Age around 4400 BC.

D6 is located on the Hunebedstraat in Tynaarlo. This Hunebed is considered a model hunebed because it is symmetrical and compact and is often depicted in this shape in paintings. Nice to know that this hunebed has never been restored and is therefore still in its original state.

Hunebed D6
Hunebed D6

Hunebed D6
Hunebedstraat 1
9482 VA Tynaarlo

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