Hunebed D18

Hunebed D18 - Rolde

N 52.9895696617729 / E 6.64917912486038

Perhaps the most famous Hunebed in the Netherlands. Near the town of Rolde is Hunebed D18. The Hunebed is located in the vicinity of the cemetery, just behind the Church of St. James.

In addition to Hunebed D18, you will also find Hunebed D17 nearby. This Hunebed has been restored by Joan Lodewijk Gerhard Gregory making it look better.

Hunebed D18 was founded between 3400 and 3200 and has 7 deck stones, 14 supporting stones, 2 keystones and 2 gate side stones. The first mention of this Hunebed comes from 1547. There was a writing about the Pillars of Hercules that would be in vico Roelden (=Rolde). On top of the columns is a sacrificial stone and through the small passage people could get under the stones. A monk told me that before the coming of Boniface, people were sacrificed here.

Hunebed D18

Hunebed D18
9451 AP Rolde

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T: 0592 313 552

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Open 24 hours
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