Huis te Loinen
House of Loinen (Loenen)

House of Loinen (Loenen) - Slijk-Ewijk

N 51.8893884 / E 5.7591893

House Loinen or Loenen is situated inside the dike, on the Waal. It is therefore appropriate that Loinen means something like watercourse. The house was destroyed by floods several times in the 17th and 18th centuries. In 1756 it came into the possession of the Quadt von Wickeradt family.

Around 1825 the castle was demolished and a farmhouse, coach house and orangery were built on the old foundations. Just east of this, Quadt von Wickeradt has the present manor house built as a hunting lodge. Not much later, the two side wings and the tower are built, commissioned by Johan Carel Willem Fabricius, Lord of Leyenburg. The complex of buildings is situated along a 1.5 km long avenue in front of the house, which in turn is part of a larger avenue system.

Huis te Loinen

House of Loinen (Loenen)
Grote Allee 4
6677 MA Slijk-Ewijk

Contact details
T: +31306926111

The house cannot be visited, the estate is freely accessible.

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