Hoogmadese molen
Hoogmadese Mill

Hoogmadese Mill - Hoogmade

N 52.17325 / E 4.58143

The Hoogmadese polder has been used for draining since 1492. The present Hoogmadese Mill is also called 'De Heerlijkheid' (The Lordship). It was probably named this way because the polder almost coincides with the territory of the Hoogmade seigniory. ('Heerlijkheid' is a medieval form of government in which the feudal lord had absolute power).

The present windmill was built anew in 1897 on the foundations of its predecessor, also a hollow post mill.

The mill is operated by a volunteer miller. The mill serves as an auxiliary pumping station for the Hoogmadese polder and the Piestpolder, approximately 182 hectares. The lift height is 1.65 metres.

Hoogmadese molen

Hoogmadese Mill
Noordeinde 34a
2355 AN Hoogmade

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