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Holiday mill De Goede Verwachting

Holiday mill De Goede Verwachting - Kamperland

N 51.5752843 / E 3.7025365

The mill is over 170 years old: it was built in 1849. For decades, the miller lived next door and corn was ground there, until 1958. Then the mill lost its sails. Five years later, the cap also came off. Now the hull is now covered with a different kind of cap and the mill has been converted into an atmospheric accommodation place.

From windmill De Goede Verwachting you can take many cycling routes, or interrupt your multi-day cycling trip with an overnight stay at this unique spot in Kamperland.

Molen ter illustratie

Holiday mill De Goede Verwachting
Molenweg 38A
4493 AC Kamperland

Contact details
T: 06-57329281

Overnight stays can be booked via the website.

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