Hoeve Koning Willem III
Hoeve Koning Willem III

Hoeve Koning Willem III - Frederiksoord

N 52.8527381 / E 6.1751032

Built in 1860, this monumental farm played a role in the Colonies of Benevolence.

At the beginning of the 19th century, a number of colonies were established in south-west Drenthe on the initiative of the Society of Benevolence. Poor families from all over the Netherlands were taken in here, given a piece of land and a house, and thus were able to earn a living. In this way, they hoped to combat poverty.

Half a century later, the success proved less than expected. The Society of Benevolence subsequently built a number of large farms, including the Hoeve Koning Willem III in 1860. The small pieces of land belonging to the poor settlers were combined into one large agricultural plot. This made large-scale farming possible, on which the settlers worked as labourers under the supervision of a farm manager who lived on the farm. This proved to be a good move, as profits were made from 1869 onwards.

Now, Hoeve Koning Willem III is home to the Middelwijk family, who run their dairy farm there. Feel free to drop by for a tour of the farm. You can find a farm shop in the yard or experience farm life while staying overnight in the atmospheric flats.

Photo: ©WeldadigOord

Hoeve Koning Willem III

Hoeve Koning Willem III
Koningin Wilhelminalaan 64
8382 GD Frederiksoord

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T: 06-53267056
E: info@hoevekoningwillem3.nl

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Open 24 hours
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