Hiemstrastate - Hooghalen

N 52.899073 / E 6.547113

The Hiemstra family donated the estate, the oldest part of which dates from 1875, to Natuurmonumenten in 1968. Nature is allowed to take its course in this area. Dead trees remain, so insects, plants, bats and birds like the chiffchaff and the nuthatch find their way to the estate. In the woods of this estate, you will find spring-flowering plants like sorrel and dalewort along the paths. Chances are you will see roe deer grazing near the forest edge.

Art lovers are welcome at the Galerie Wildevuur, located in the architecturally beautiful villa in the middle of the estate. Galerie Wildevuur specialises in figurative and realistic art. While enjoying something delicious, you can enjoy art and nature in the Tea Room on Fridays and weekends.


Zwiggelterweg 4B
9414 TN Hooghalen

Contact details
T: 035-6559911
E: info@natuurmonumenten.nl

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