Paleis Het Loo vooraanzicht
Paleis Het Loo
Tuinen Paleis Het Loo
Het Loo Palace

Het Loo Palace - Apeldoorn

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For more than 300 years, the royal family of Orange lived and worked at Paleis Het Loo. It was a real 'outside' and was also used as a hunting and holiday home. The Oranges often received guests there. For this reason, much attention has been paid to the gardens and the stables. The horses had a beautiful accommodation near the coach houses with the carriages, cars and sleds. In the palace gardens there was flanking and the exotic flowers and plants were admired. A rich and generous past that can be seen at Palace Het Loo.

The gardens of Palace Het Loo have often been subject to change. In the French era, Louis Napoleon lived at Het Loo. He turned it into an English landscape park by having the gardens covered with a layer of it. Later the gardens were returned to the original design from the time of King Stadholder William III and his wife Mary Stuart II, the founders and first inhabitants of Het Loo Palace. A symmetrical garden with many parterres, impressive fountains and historical plants. Historical but also contemporary flowers give each season atmosphere to the palace gardens.

The gardens of Paleis Het Loo are among the most beautiful in Europe!

Paleis Het Loo vooraanzicht
Paleis Het Loo
Tuinen Paleis Het Loo

Het Loo Palace
Koninklijk Park 1
7315JA Apeldoorn

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T: +31 55-5772400

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Monday Closed
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Sunday 10:00 - 17:00

Open from April to September. Check the website for current opening hours.

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