Kasteel Heemstede
Heemstede Castle

Heemstede Castle - Houten

N 52.0330574 / E 5.1251414

Next to Heemstede in the province of Noord-Holland, there is a hamlet with this name near Houten. The castle built here is therefore named after the spot Heemstede. The house has an eventful history. At 500 meters from the place where the castle now stands, you will find a knight's courtyard town with the same name. This house was built in 1645, but after a period of neglect it went down in a fire in 1987. The newly built castle a few years ago is a faithful copy of the old knight's courtyard town. During the last fire, however, interior parts were saved that were later reinstalled during the refurbishment. Heemstede Castle was an important country house in the 17th century. Then it has a beautiful classicistic garden with many garden decorations and international fame.

Kasteel Heemstede

Heemstede Castle
Heemsteedseweg 26
3992 LS Houten

Contact details
T: 030-2722207
E: info@restaurant-kasteelheemstede.nl

The castle is partly a restaurant.

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