Havezate Westerflier
Havezate Westerflier

Havezate Westerflier - Diepenheim

N 52.1863834 / E 6.5240864

As early as the 11th century Westerflier was mentioned in a deed, which incidentally did not refer to the estate but to a region. The manor originated in the 16th century. In the 18th century, a predecessor of the current house was demolished by the Van der Sluys family and the new house was built. Little has changed in the past centuries.

Until 1935, the house was privately owned. After that, it was used for various purposes and was eventually divided into four flats. In 2005, the house even became vacant, but in 2008, a thorough renovation ensured that Westerflier was preserved. The house cannot be visited.

Havezate Westerflier

Havezate Westerflier
Deventerdijk 10
7478 RR Diepenheim

Contact details
E: info@nijenhuisenwesterflier.nl

Westerflier is not open for visits.

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