Havezate Den Alerdinck

Havezate Den Alerdinck - Laag Zuthem

N 52.4535752 / E 6.19663309999999

Den Alerdinck was a havezate in the 17th century. Shortly before 1900 the house was given a new appearance thanks to renovations by the Van Dedem family. Special stories have been preserved from the period when businessman Frans Lurvink was the owner. Wouter Koning, owner since 1988, develops new economic activities in and around the manor to ensure the future of this heritage.

Dag van het Kasteel
Havezate Den Alerdinck

Havezate Den Alerdinck
Den Alerdinckweg 1
8055 PE Laag Zuthem

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E: kastelen@fietsnetwerk.nl

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