Groote Heide
Groote heide (large heath)

Groote heide (large heath) - Cranendonck

N 51.303681027496 / E 5.508957838

The Groote Heide lives up to its name: it is one of the few large, contiguous heathlands. Together with nature managers, it is working hard to strengthen biodiversity and restore the heathland. The heathland is surrounded by the pleasant villages of Cranendonck, Hamont-Achel, Heeze-Leende, Eindhoven and Pelt. You enter the heathland via the gates De Plaetse (Heeze), De Wulp (in Pelt), De Malpie (in Valkenswaard) or the Achelse Kluis (Hamont-Achel).

Groote Heide

Groote heide (large heath)
Cranendonck 10
6027 RK Cranendonck

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