Buitenplaats Groot Engelenburg
Groot Engelenburg Country estate

Groot Engelenburg Country estate - Brummen

N 52.0904605 / E 6.1345854

The origin or meaning of the name is not clear. The 'burg' is more likely to have to do with a castle or a fortification than with a mountain or a height. Oak pile foundations have been found that are probably more than a thousand years old. Nevertheless, the core of the house dates from the 17th century.

In 1828, it was rebuilt and whitewashed in the Neo-Classical style. The house stands on a moat island with a driveway facing the house. The conversion to the landscape style, under the garden architect Isaek Hendrik Jacob van Lunteren, results in a digging of the straight ditch and an extension to a pond behind the house. The park is now a golf course. The castle now houses a hotel with a restaurant.

Buitenplaats Groot Engelenburg

Groot Engelenburg Country estate
Eerbeekseweg 6
6971 LB Brummen

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T: +31575-569999
E: info@engelenburg.com

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Open 24 hours
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