Grote Sluis Oudesluis
Great Lock

Great Lock - Oudesluis

N 52.8347523 / E 4.8101324

The lock in Oudesluis is probably the oldest in the Netherlands, which also explains the name of the village (Oudesluis literally means 'old lock'). It was built in 1597. With the sluice, after several attempts, the population finally succeeded in draining the polders of the Zijpe for good. The sluice had to keep out the sea, as it was only two and a half centuries later that the Anna Paulowna polder was reclaimed. Until then (1847), Oudesluis lay by the sea.

You can see memorial stones in a number of places, four in total. These stones commemorate the dates when the lock was rebuilt or moved. East of the lock is a lockkeeper's house from 1914. Today, the historic lock is a double lock between the Zijpe, Haze and Anna Paulowna polders, as well as a drainage sluice of the Schermerboezem.

Grote Sluis Oudesluis

Great Lock
Noorderweg 18
1757 PC Oudesluis

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T: 0224-221283

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Open 24 hours
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