Gravity of the Netherlands
Gravity of the Netherlands

Gravity of the Netherlands - Putten

N 52.243380403239 / E 5.6342875377472

According to The Dutch Dictionary, the centre of gravity is the point with respect to which the mass of an object is in equilibrium.
According to physics, it is the point in a solid body to which one can hang it without it rotating. According to mechanics, the effect of a force on a body is equal to that of the same force acting on the total mass of the body concentrated at the centre of gravity.

Knowing that, you can therefore also calculate the centre of gravity of the Netherlands. That is exactly what Frans Storbeck of the Municipal University of Amsterdam did in 1984 and he ended up in the municipality of Putten. To be precise, at the kilometre coordinates 472.7 north and 171.8 east.

If you visit this point on the Peppelerweg in the Sprielderbos you will find a large stone with a huge ring to which, in theory, you should be able to lift the Netherlands without anyone noticing.

Gravity of the Netherlands

Gravity of the Netherlands
3881 Putten

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