Gouda cheese market
Gouda cheese market

Gouda cheese market - Gouda

N 52.0123362 / E 4.7108988

Although Gouwenaren found the waterway via Cape Horn to the East Indies, the blossoming of the VOC and the Golden Age largely passes by the city. But not entirely: Gouda took full advantage of the increasing trade during the Twelve Year Truce. Thanks to its unique location on the only north-south water connection, the city attracted more and more shipping. The invention of the Gouda clay pipes also gave the Gouda economy a major boost. But of course Gouda became world famous thanks to its cheese! In the historic city centre, all the sights are within walking distance: the fairytale-like town hall on the market, the Sint-Janskerk with its beautiful Gouda glasses and the museums. In the attractive streets, along the old Dutch canals, you will discover many authentic shops with (Gouda) specialties, such as syrup waffles.

Gouda cheese market
Gouda cheese market

Gouda cheese market
2801 JG Gouda

Contact details
T: 0182-589110
E: info@welkomingouda.nl

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

The Cheese Market is every Thursday from April 4 to August 29 and does not take place on May 30.

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