Molen van Goidschalxoord
Goidschalxoord Mill

Goidschalxoord Mill - Goidschalxoord

N 51.827491 / E 4.451506

This mill was probably built in 1718. That year is mentioned on the plaque. At that time, the mill was still in the Free and Highhold of Mr Goidschalck Oem from Dordrecht. Little is known about the early days of the mill. It is the only corn mill in the area and mainly supplies flour to the church deaconry. A century after it was built, the Kluit family bought the mill and its grounds. They are renowned millers, who take very good care of their mill. At the time, it was one of the best-maintained mills in the Netherlands. The mill is unique in several respects, including the combination of mill and engine house. A steam engine in the nearby engine house was used to pump the water from the mill via an underground belt drive in windless weather.

In 1953, production stopped and the mill fell into serious disrepair. Restoration was the only option to preserve it for posterity. A building archaeological survey showed that the mill complex was unique enough to be preserved. The Stichting Molencomplex Goidschalxoord (the Goidschalxoord Mill Complex Foundation) has committed itself to the full restoration of the mill. On National Mill and Grinding Day 2010, the reborn mill complex was festively put into use.

Molen van Goidschalxoord

Goidschalxoord Mill
Goidschalxoordsedijk 55
3274 BG Goidschalxoord

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T: +31627305553

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Monday Closed
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Saturday 10:00 - 16:00
Sunday Closed

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