Glazen toren van Heesen

Glass Tower of Heesen - Leerdam

N 51.888195 / E 5.085995

Designer and glass artist Willem Heesen (1925-2007) created this glass tower from the glass factory in Leerdam. It was his last work of art and it has been designated a monument.

It was made in 1976 to be placed in front of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam where it stood for years, until the museum had to be renovated. When designing the tower, Heesen took into account the facade of the Van Gogh museum, which consists of concrete stones and glass. No fewer than 1,032 crystal cubes have been incorporated into the artwork. It was the tallest glass statue in the Netherlands with an impressive height of five meters.

In 2010, the Government Buildings Agency transferred the Glass Tower to the National Glass Museum foundation in Leerdam.

Glazen toren van Heesen

Glass Tower of Heesen
Lingedijk 8
4142 LD Leerdam

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