Gildehauser Venn

Gildehauser Venn - Duitsland

N 52.248123 / E 7.093479

Gildehauser Venn is a protected nature reserve in northwestern Germany, south of Gildehaus. The area is 650 hectares big and is one of the most important wetlands of this area. The impressive nature contains birch forests, peat pools and dunes. Moist heather areas are interspersed with remnants of the high moor and brook forests. This is also the ideal place for bird watchers. For example, you can spot the short-eared owl and the golden oriole.

The nature reserve is very large and you can of course admire it from several places. You will find a viewpoint at this specific location.

Gildehauser Venn

Gildehauser Venn
48455 Bad Bentheim Duitsland

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