Geremolen De Blauwe Wip
Geremolen De Blauwe Wip

Geremolen De Blauwe Wip - Hazerswoude-Dorp

N 52.102566450881 / E 4.6000520263543

This Geremolen was built in 1636 as a polder mill. Its function was to drain the Oost- and Westgeer polder. Another function was added later. From 1926 to 1959, the mill operated as a signal mill.

A signal mill was a polder mill whose miller was given the task by the higher water board to signal other millers to stop draining when the water level of the storage basin became too high. During the day this was done by hoisting a black-white-black flag on the sails and at night a bright lantern was used for this purpose.

Geremolen De Blauwe Wip

Geremolen De Blauwe Wip
Westgerepolder 3
2391 CZ Hazerswoude-Dorp

Contact details
T: 070 399 49 55

The mill can be visited by appointment and when it is running.

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