Genneper water mill
Genneper water mill
Genneper water mill

Genneper water mill - Eindhoven

N 51.423067 / E 5.4702587

Van Gogh painted the Genneper watermill several times. This is also where he met his seven-year older friend Anton Kerssemakers, a tanner whom he later taught to paint. Nowadays, the mill has only one wheel; in Van Gogh's time, there were two. The water mill and its surroundings are still a popular spot for painters. The audio fragment accompanying this disembarkation moment recalls a memory that Anton Kerssemakers had of Vincent.

These days, although the weather is freezing here, I am still working outside on a rather large study (more than 1 metre) of an old watermill in Gennep, on the other side of Eindhoven. I want to finish it entirely outside - but it will probably also be the last thing I paint outside this year.
Letter to Theo, 14 November 1884.

Genneper water mill
Genneper water mill
Genneper water mill

Genneper water mill
Genneperweg 143
5644 RS Eindhoven

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