Landschapstuin Geldrop
Geldrop Castle

Geldrop Castle - Geldrop

N 51.4250547 / E 5.5594488

Visit the imposing Geldrop Castle, with its tea garden and English landscape garden, among other things.

The history of the castle goes back to 1340. A donjon - a medieval residential tower reinforced with wood or stone - was built, probably by the Gelderse. During the Gelderlander wars the tower had to give way and had become uninhabitable, despite the walls still standing. Around 1616, the former owner Amandus II van Horne had a new residence built with stepped gables.

The English landscape garden dates from 1870. Among other things, you will find a giant sequoia, rare wood anemones and a stately plant. A vegetable garden was also laid out.

The vegetable garden and orchard have since been transformed by the Stichting Landgoed Kasteel Geldrop into a nature-rich Bloemenhof. The romantic castle and estate is often used as a wedding location, but also for concerts, activities and exhibitions. For example, visit the Sensory Garden and the Petting Zoo.

Landschapstuin Geldrop

Geldrop Castle
Mierloseweg 1
5662 KA Geldrop

Contact details
T: +31407874561

Each part of the castle has its own opening hours. Check the website for all information.

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