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Gelders Narrow Gauge Museum

Gelders Narrow Gauge Museum - Heteren

N 51.9659933 / E 5.7307437

Travel back in time with the narrow gauge train at the Gelders Narrow Gauge Museum. Narrow-gauge railways are exactly as the name suggests: narrow tracks. They were widely used to transport goods, for example coal in coal mines and here in this region the river clay to make bricks.

On a ride along the reconstructed track through nature, you will discover how the Dutch brick industry was created here. Workers used to extract the clay from the river floodplains. In the museum, you can see how bricks were manufactured using the techniques of the last century.

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Gelders Narrow Gauge Museum
Renkumse Veerweg 5A
6666 LE Heteren

Contact details
T: 06-21706820

Opening hours vary. Check the website for current opening hours.

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