Geertruida Cornelia Mill
Geertruida Cornelia Mill

Geertruida Cornelia Mill - Gorssel

N 52.191106 / E 6.196773

This relatively small stone ground sailor has been demolished for decades and stood headless. It was built in 1893 for miller ME Dommerholt, who had been licensed for it on March 28, 1893. Dommerholt died in the mill under construction. DJ Peerebolte arrives in 1895 and completes the mill. It turns out that not only the wind, but also the engine is being used for milling, so the history of windmill and engine milling is more or less the same. Because on March 31, 1896, Peerebolte was granted a license to install an 8 HP petroleum engine, given the power it was clearly intended as an auxiliary force. In 1921 the petroleum engine was replaced by a crude oil engine which powered a double milling chair. In 1933 the still existing milling house was built in the style typical for that time. The windmill was then taken out of service.

In 1986 the Bertus and Trudy ten Have-Van Issenhoven couple bought the miller's house and later, in February 1995, the mill. This is the first step towards the restoration. The Friends of the Gorssel Mills Foundation was founded in the same year, while in September 1995 the mill was transferred to the Eesterhoek Corn Mill Foundation. Ten Have has already taken measures to preserve the mill for a better future. The enthusiasm on site is great. After the usual route of planning, preparation and fundraising, mill maker Groot Wesseldijk can get to work. The mill can run again on July 1, 2000. On that occasion the mill will be named Geertruida Cornelia, the first names of Mrs. Ten Have.

Geertruida Cornelia Mill

Geertruida Cornelia Mill
Gorsselse Enkweg 2
7213 LM Gorssel

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T: 0575-492566

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Also open at other times by appointment.

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