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Geerte's Garden

Geerte's Garden - Kesteren

N 51.927552447831 / E 5.55413336

This beautiful colourful farm garden in Kesteren in the Betuwe region of the Netherlands has been passionately laid out by the residents themselves. The borders are sorted by colour and contain a wide variety of flowers, plants and grasses. You will also find a vegetable and herb garden, a fruit and plum orchard, a sheep pasture and a windbreak.

You can enjoy this garden, its seating areas and tastefully arranged vistas. The garden can be visited in June, by appointment, by groups of at least 8 people. During the Betuwe Garden Route, the garden is open to the public free of charge. Check the website for more information.

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Geerte's Garden
Schaapsteeg 1
4041 AT Kesteren

Contact details
T: 0488-482923

Open in June, by appointment and during Betuwe Garden Days. See the Pit stop website.

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