Fort aan de Jisperweg - ©M.L. Slot-Dekker
Fort on Jisperweg

Fort on Jisperweg - Westbeemster

N 52.5241417 / E 4.8668066

The Fort on Jisperweg was built on the southern ring dike of the Beemster Polder. As part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam, the fort had to close off and defend the access to Amsterdam via the Jisperweg.

In 1918, the fort was used as a military home for 20 detainees. They had been arrested for allegedly refusing military service. There were a fort watchman's house and an iron storage shed, but they were demolished over the years.

Where you now use a dam to get to the fort, there used to be a real access bridge. The front wall is still in its original state and consists of four machine gun emplacements and a lifting turret building.

Around the fort you can see beautiful nature, home to unusual flora and fauna. Who knows, you might spot the golden oriole, a yellow songbird, or the little owl. Ground featherweed, ringleaf vetch and blue meadow grass are unique plant species you can encounter in the nature reserve.

Photo: ©M.L. Slot-Dekker, via Bureau Toerisme Laag Holland

Fort aan de Jisperweg - ©M.L. Slot-Dekker

Fort on Jisperweg
Zuiddijk 4
1464 EA Westbeemster

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