Fort bij de LIebrug
Fort near the Liebrug

Fort near the Liebrug - Haarlemmerliede

N 52.384848935515 / E 4.6885037630762

This fort in Haarlemmerliede was built between 1897 and 1907. It was part of the Dutch Waterline and the Defence Line of Amsterdam and served to defend the nearby railway line and the tow canal. When the area was inundated, these formed an entrance for the enemy.

The fort is relatively small, as the main defence tasks of the Defence Line of Amsterdam were at the Fort near Penningsveer and the Fort along the Liede.

Today, the fort houses several businesses. Such as the accessible studio of artist Paul van Zijp, a gym, a violin maker, a wine shop and a bicycle workshop.

Fort bij de LIebrug

Fort near the Liebrug
Liedeweg 9
2065 AH Haarlemmerliede

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