Fort Benoorden - ©Pim de Vries
Fort Benoorden

Fort Benoorden - Zuidoostbeemster

N 52.5356852 / E 4.9575637

As part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam, the line of fortresses built around Amsterdam between 1880 and 1914, Fort Benoorden is part of the UNESCO World Heritage 'Dutch Water Defence Lines'.

Fort Benoorden (1895) provided protection for the vulnerabilities of the Beemsterringdijk, the Purmerenderweg and the Rijperweg. Yet it took a while before it became part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam. It wasn't until 1907 that this fort was also included in the Defence Line.

Characteristic features of this fort are the so-called poternes, or corridors covered with steel and concrete. This was a brand new technique at the time. Poternes were built to the two lifting turrets, which housed large artillery, and to the machine gun emplacements at the front. The main building, which was built in 1912, is also connected by poternes to the two lifting domes.

Since 1981, the fort has been home to a wine importer, which stores its wine between the thick walls of the fort.

Photo: ©Pim de Vries, via Bureau Toerisme Laag Holland

Fort Benoorden - ©Pim de Vries

Fort Benoorden
Kwadijkerweg 8
1461 DW Zuidoostbeemster

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